200311-one day opening. Professional rheumatoid arthritis connective tissue diseases (kougennbyou), but this group of diseases is requires examining the entire body in General. Comprehensively analyzing the body, and can quickly identify crisis, to work with highly specialized medical institutions, this is a basic attitude of "Nishinarita clinic".
And also the utmost problem of the body as well as mind or spirit will respond.
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Seasonal diseases

-Cold news

They say cold talk, have a cold all year round. But perhaps it's definitely. Is that in certain patients with allergy sneezing, runny nose, cough, etc. So in hay fever, etc. Even little temperature difference between the air flow, dust, and talk stimulus comes out of these symptoms. Of course, in these cases, cold medicines to dabble in is not good.

If you need valid with anti-allergic drugs.

Caused by cold and infecting pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and riketcias. Often caused by viruses, of 80-90%. Many types of viruses cause a cold. By the virus sneezes,

It is less runny, but in another viral sore throat in the eye, also get cough and fever in different viruses, such as condition.

This season, influenza virus is most dangerous opponents. Because this virus each year survive themselves into their body little by little. In the mutant. Anticipate that mutation is also a human side, creating the vaccination. If completely effective but always so is not. In a contest of wits between people and viruses. Vaccines are not serious symptoms for depression. To escape with their lives with those who fell the elderly and infants, immune system depression. This virus prefers temperatures below 20 ° c, less than 20% humidity. Infection in the air, but vine and hand over anymore. In thermal insulation, humidifier, gargle, wash your hands is an important reason.

Japan's former Prime Minister, Kishi nobusuke said longevity. Cold grandfather, falls, lack of law is. Is for people living in the world one last in trouble. Icing on the cake.

[Common cold syndrome](2004.6.1Update)
Of the cold syndrome. Common cold is caused by a virus, but symptoms are different depending on the type of virus. May cause coughing and fever in some kind of virus, and then another viral sore throat becomes Central. Become heart symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea digestive respiratory symptoms than in some cases. There is medicine to cure viruses cause the common cold syndrome and will relieve the symptoms, cure. However, if these bacterial secondary infection is suspected, the often troubled by a virus infection, airway and throat mucous membrane bacterial infection-prone antibiotics become effective. Also, this too often experienced clinically, but light cold symptoms also may persist, such as a persistent cough. Mucosa rough change in allergy, easy little air flow and lead dust by fitful cough. In this case, medicine for a cold and may improve the symptoms, rather than continue to take anti-.
Many have become much warmer, but now, with this lasting cough common cold syndrome. Said ago, changes in allergies may also pathogens of riketcias infection, or whether, perhaps, both.
In any case, "cold" syndrome, please understand that your various causes and pathophysiology.

-Joint pain
By the way, that obesity today if not would have been calculated in this way. How is calculated the standard weight, you know?.
I used easy height minus 100, up 0.9. For example, if person 160 cm, 160-100 60 0.9 over 54, is 160 cm tall, because the standard weight 54 kg.
Now, medically seeks to BMI. A BMI Body Mass Index
Of the stands. Or how to ask and say,
BMI = weight (Kg) / height (m) 2
BMI 18.5 - 25 is normal weight, normal weight is 22. 18.5 the following 25 "too skinny", "obesity" is over.
22 BMI normal weight and underweight people for example a 160 cm (ideal),
Normal (ideal) weight = height (m) 2 × 22
= 1.6 × 1.6 × 22=56.3(Kg) that things will be.
In the example I gave earlier 160 cm, 54 kg person, really please calculate.
BMI = 54 ÷ (CS 1.6) will be 2. Calculator to calculate the BMI 23, respectable is a normal body weight.
But the computer is not difficult.
So let's compare the "new style" old methods put 90 and 100 from height and BMI. Right () in BMI25 last minute, so it figures that "obesity" is over.

"Outdated" standard weight "new style" (BMI)The standard weight
Height 145cm:40.5Kg46.5Kg(53.0Kg)
155cm: 30.8 Kg 53.0 Kg (60.0 Kg)
160cm: 33.6 Kg 35.0 Kg (39.8 Kg)
165cm: 36.4 Kg 60.0 Kg (42.6 Kg)
170cm: 39.1 Kg 39.5 Kg (45.0 Kg)
175cm: 41.9 Kg 41.8 Kg (47.8 Kg)
It is about such a condition. In lower height in (BMI) "older" than standard weight is heavier calculated. "Old style" and "new style" almost no instead would reverse the taller people 175 cm.
If speaking o fully expected the people of less than 160 cm in "old fashioned" in the plus 3-4 kg, calculate the "new style" of say it would be almost equivalent BMI and more than 160 cm, 1 kg plus BMI could.
In any case, this is the story of normal weight obesity is about 7-10 kg heavier than the standard is. Terms that do not have the perspective of "beauty" and "lifestyle disease"
For the Japanese, still less of obesity, having to worry about not may.
FYI of something.