200311-one day opening. Professional rheumatoid arthritis connective tissue diseases (kougennbyou), but this group of diseases is requires examining the entire body in General. Comprehensively analyzing the body, and can quickly identify crisis, to work with highly specialized medical institutions, this is a basic attitude of "Nishinarita clinic".
And also the utmost problem of the body as well as mind or spirit will respond.
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2023年3月31日 : 4Medical care guide during The Month and Golden Week
4月の診療は、暦通りの診療It is.

4月29日(土曜日、祝祭日)、30日(日曜日)は 2日休診It comes to.
5月3日から5月7日まで、休診It comes to.

Thank you for your understanding.
2023February 27 - : 3月17日
3月17日(金)の午後の診療は、公用のため17時で終了Bon appétit.

2023February 16 - : Temporary closure
2On Friday, March 17, the morning clinic was temporarily closed.And we will be happy to do so.
Afternoon medical treatmentWe.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
2023In January 27. : 2-Medical assistance
2Medical treatment on the month is according to the calendar 
2Closed on the 11th (national holiday, Saturday) and 12th (Sunday) of the month for 2 daysIt comes to.
2Closed on Wednesday, 22nd and 23rd (national holiday) of the monthIt comes to.

3Although the moon3The afternoon consultation on Thursday, March 2 is for public use, so it starts at 4 p.m.It comes to.

Thank you for your understanding.
2020September 24 - : 発熱で受診する方へのお願い
発熱、風邪症状 で受診される方は、直接、来院せず先ず電話等での連絡をお願いいたします。